Another way to classify them is by the theme they represent

In some Christian works, from the end of the Middle Ages and later times, the drama of the scenes captured
July 15, 2017
Sculpture is one of the branches of art, it is one of the oldest arts
December 15, 2017
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Religious sculptures.- These are sculptural works whose realization is done thinking about the representation of religious themes, either by depicting alleged actions carried out by the deity, or by a saint, or by representing this deity or saint, is the case example, of the innumerable sculptures of deities, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Roman, Sumerian, Hindu and deities of other cultures, like those that represent passages or rituals to the deity, being that in the majority of the cases, they were used for the religious worship, believing that they were the deities themselves or that through them you could “reach” the deity so that through entreaties intercede.

Or simply as an expression of religiosity and devotion towards the deity. These can be of various sizes, such as the statuettes of protective deities that in almost all cultures have been used, of “medium” or gigantic sizes, stone sculptures or other material.

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