In some Christian works, from the end of the Middle Ages and later times, the drama of the scenes captured

Types of sculptures by the material of which they are made
April 2, 2017
Another way to classify them is by the theme they represent
November 22, 2017
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Profane Sculptures.- These are those that focus on non-religious themes understood within the scope of Christianity. This category includes all the sculptures of civil, military, mythical, and portraits (busts or sculptures), of “characters” alien to the Christian religion.

Civil sculptures. – Reference is made in this way to the sculptures that have a civil character, whether they represent an ideal (for example peace), commemorate a fact, a situation, show or originate in a sign of respect (for example a statue to the unknown soldier or even a patriotic hero). This is the case of several of the statues (usually bronze or stone), made in honor of distinguished rulers, heroes of the country, and characters that in some way contributed to the cultural, ideological, freedom, or other development of a nation.

Examples of this type are the effigies carved in Mount Rushmore, the Angel of Independence (the goddess Nike or victory), of Mexico, the bronze of the Aztec hero Cuauhtémoc (in Mexico), and the relief of the Mexica ruler of Texcoco Nezahualcóyotl , that is in the outskirts of the museum of the army (in Mexico), that is to say, they represent characters or civil and historical reasons, unlike the statues with religious reasons.

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