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Contemporary Decor
April 1, 2017
Wavy Metal Art
April 1, 2017
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The Curious Sculpture



The Curious Sculpture is an elegant original metal sculpture meticulously cut, ground, textured and formed by hand by contemporary metal sculptor. The abstract and contemporary ribbon-style free-standing sculpture is crafted from silvery aluminum with a flowing organic shape and an intriguing kinetic body, which will slightly flex and move with a touch. The metallic surface is layered with artistic grind patterns, with a variety of creative application techniques. This silver-hued minimalist accent piece is extremely light receptive as the etched grooves of the grind patterns reflect light to create movement and depth, sparkling across the surface and edges from any angle.

This modern metal sculpture is a brilliant addition to the decor of an upscale, contemporary setting. The interesting organic shape is an instant conversation starter, and achieves the ultimate Wow Factor for both residential and commercial applications.

Title: The Curious Sculpture
Size/Style: Large – 14W x 20H x 14D overall – Abstract Metal Sculpture on Natural Aluminum
Colors: Silver, Metallic, Monochrome and Steel
Medium: Natural Aluminum
Style: Abstract Metal Sculpture / 3D Minimalist Art / Contemporary Decor / Elegant Silver Art / Modern Metal Sculpture
100% Made in USA: Hand-crafted with care from start to finish in our contemporary art studio in Cincinnati, Ohio
Placement: Free-standing design for floor, wall niche, tabletop, etc. Includes 8x8in. attached metal platform base
Finish/Care: Suitable for indoor/outdoor placement. Artistic metallic finish on natural aluminum. Wipe clean with soft cotton cloth, and if necessary, warm water and a mild hand or dish soap. Clean fingerprints promptly to avoid staining.