Types of sculptures by the material of which they are made

Types of sculptures with greater influence
February 22, 2017
In some Christian works, from the end of the Middle Ages and later times, the drama of the scenes captured
July 15, 2017
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Clay sculptures .- These are sculptures that are molded in this material, are usually not very large, but can be made in large sizes (the size of a person or more), are often fragile.

Stone sculptures.- These are sculptures that are sculpted in different types of stone, such as granite, sandstone, jade and marble, among others, which are usually used for this purpose.

Stucco sculptures.- It is a fine paste, made with lime, plaster, ground marble and coloring, which is applied to walls and ceilings used to decorate with sculptures in reliefs. It is widely used for exterior and interior reliefs in houses and public buildings, as well as in religious temples.

Sculptures of ice.- These are sculptures that are made in this material, usually last a short time, so it is common to only perform in winter seasons, when temperatures are low enough to remain without melting.

Sculptures of salt.- These are statues and reliefs that are made in this material when salt blocks are extracted from the mines or if they are made inside the mines themselves, as in the case of the statues and reliefs that were carved in wieliczka Poland (in the depth of the mine), “sculpting” even a cathedral.

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